No-Thought for Entertainment

The word “Entertainment” comes from the Greek word “Amuse” “Au” is No and “Muse” is “Thought”… “No-Thought”. Our minds are being indoctrinated with false visions of who we think we should be. No wonder we see advertisement of cars speeding down a winding road as if that’s the normal driving pattern to work.

Advertisement for women is about piece, serenity, or control. You may see women sitting in a tub with bubbles, cleaning with ease, or fixing something the man broke.Discontentment is another venue used for women. They insinuate that you need flat abs or a nice butt to be happy. Then you are shown the easiest way to get it is by taking a pill or purchasing a product.

Men have it far different! The rugged dude with a large truck driving through mud symbolizes confidence. The other venue for men would be the guy who is doing absolutely nothing watching a game and having girls flaunting themselves all over him. Marketing wants men to feel as if; they can be slobs and never have to work. They can insinuate you are already successful and women are the aggressor for sex.  They also try to insinuate that your manhood is based on of the size of …well let’s call this your vehicle.

In any advertisement, the model/actor used for the commercial was chosen after a casting call. Prior to the commercial the model/actor had no idea about the product he/she posed and smiled for? Known celebrities that endorse products usually endorse only because of the money they make to do so.

Nothing is real in the world of advertisement. Every venue of advertisement uses studies to determine what would get you to buy. Test groups, surveys, polls…they all try to understand the triggers that will get you to find value in them. Everyone uses them and it’s a business within a business.

Media studies itself the same way.  If some product or service grosses enough money in a short amount of time, it’s duplicated by others. Have you ever noticed how one big hit by a particular artist tends to bring out similar artist? In my day, it was New Kids on the Block, BackStreet Boys, In-Sync, Boyz-II-Men…do you see the trend?

Today, kids live their life as if they were an MTV video or the next YouTube star while parents and young adults compare themselves to so-called reality shows. Housewives of you name it to Honey Boo Boo, everyone is a star and everyone want’s attention. Narcissism is the new norm.  Shock video’s and mockery is the new entertainment and it’s my opinion, it’s just one way this country is losing sight of what’s important.

This country has been around for a little over 200 years. There were many but one thing that made this country so strong and out-performing any other country on the planet were the family values. It was not any particular religion but mostly the focus and vision for individual families. Fathers understood that the legacy of their family name depended upon the character of their children. Parents understood that marriage was not about 50% from each other, rather 100% from both. Fitness was about being healthy not vanity.

Sure, there were many wrongs in our past but we were born into sin so why focus on the obvious. Many wrongs have been corrected but we tend to continue to place blame on everyone because of the few who still have bitterness and shallow thinking. Again, being born into sin creates flawed thinking. However, consider that every creature on the planet lives by instinct with exception to the human mind. WE LIVE BY CHOICE. So our goal is to find our focus and vision. What we think about is what we draw nearest to.

Wake up! Life is not about getting home from a long day at work then sitting and having “no thought” until bedtime.  Life is about choices and balancing your “buttgeget” Buttgeget” is my word for your butt and bills. If you have no money at the end of the month then maybe you are trying to live up to something you can’t afford.  If you are overweight or unhealthy, maybe it’s because you eat too much pizza and burgers and you don’t exercise enough.

Take time to walk, take time to eat right, and take time to figure out your life. You live in a country where you can choose to be greater than those around you.  It’s your time now start using it wisely.

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