What…Your drinking Soda?

Soda actually originated in pharmacies! It was used as a drug or pharmaceutical substance. Several inventors of certain brands of soda like John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola were pharmacists who patented soda as a medicine. Adding to its appeal, Coca-Cola was also known to relieve indigestion. Soon after a brand was created from the chemical called hyspepsia. The Pepsi.
The soda 7-up was originally a drug or medicine used on mental patients. It was given to people in insane asylums. (That explains some of you). The name 7-Up derives from the drug originally having seven ingredients with seventh ingredient being lithium, a known chemical drug that is given for depression.
So you see, soda originally started out as a liquid drug (medicine) sold at the local pharmacy. It became a drink because we kept buying it for the taste so the marketing of it was changed. To learn more about soda and what is in it, follow us on Firm-Donkey Fitness on Facebook and support our journey to healing Sandie Fernandez Sado.
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Today’s Action!
• I will wake up 30 minutes earlier today to walk or run
• I will drink one glass of water when I wake up.
• I will order a salad when I usually order something else.
• I will drink more water today than yesterday.