Who Are You?


Truth be told, your emotions is that thing that dictate the depth and severity of our thinking and actions. This is the root cause of our activities regardless of them being good or bad. Most people never live up to their potential because of their belief in themselves due to the fear in which they operate…question is, is this you?

Your feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger, and discontentment is something you need to embrace as self-neglect as it hinders your true potential. This is what prevents you from loving not only yourself but truly loving others without expectations. Why…because it’s hard to love if we continue to focus on how we feel about our insecurities and negative self-talk about how we measure up.

Don’t use the experience from five minutes ago to feel the present and don’t use an experience from ten years ago to ignore opportunities in the present. Choose to feel what is best for your health and happiness at this moment. You notice I did not say wealth…that’s because the meaning of wealth in our world means something not associated with wealth.

Focus on every moment without thought of interpretation and see every moment as only a pure experience of the moment. Ask yourself, how can I evaluate this moment if I did not have my own memory, thoughts, associated with it? Ask yourself, how can I live in fullness in my spirit right now?

If you could dig deep past what your eyes see to the quantum level of who you are, you would see that you are energy/vibrational wave of information/spirit.

This energy (you) never dies but only transforms so all of your negative and self-talk is simply a complaint of the suit called human body. You are not defined by the popularity of the ego. Your jeans don’t make you, your number of followers on Instagram, Facebook etc., does not define you. You are not defined by keeping up with the up-to-date ways of dress, so neither should any negative feelings about your body make you.

Your God/Christ/spirit/source/energy-field is who you really are and that’s not defined by a Sunday morning sit down with a preacher or a prayer before bed. You are not any less spiritual when you feel bad, feel good, need help, need a hug, or have some emotional discomfort. YOU ARE SPIRIT! It’s every second you exist within the matter called body within the time you have right now!

If you really want to live, you have to live in all corners of this reality. It’s more than just what we touch, see, smell, taste, and feel. Remember to live and see everyone around you as a spirit and not the body…only then can we really have unconditional love for one-another and truly be fit.

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Julian Sado