Throw Back To Real Health

Throw back Thusday

With throw back Thursday (#TBT), we all have the ability to scan old Kodak throw-away camera photos and reminisce about what we looked like, felt like, and if you grew up in the 80’s, what we dressed like. Yes, that is a fanny-pack around my waist and yes, those are MC Hammer paints.

Outside of my time within the entertainment world, my throwback days were very much about fitness. My life was about Venice/Santa Monica beach and working out on the rings and P-Bars, kick-boxing, and going to the gym. In-between all of that, I was driving my jeep around town throughout Sunset Blvd and the coast (did not mind the traffic) or riding my motorcycle Suzuki GXR 1100 throughout the Santa Monica Mountains and basically just loving life. There was no thought of future investments, savings, internal health, or financial success…my daily actions were my success. I based my success on how I felt.

When this picture was taken at Venice beach, my career was fitness training, massage therapy, and socializing. Yes, socializing was a career because it’s what I did the most. After a motorcycle accident on the freeway that should have killed me, and several other events, fitness has an entirely different meaning at age fifty. Read my bio at

Fitness is still part of my life but the concept of fitness has changed. Working for a Fortune 100 company, owning my own health and wellness business and now living in Dallas, TX, I can honestly say, I don’t walk around without a shirt but I am still concerned with my body shape…to some degree. Like most people, I prefer not to have an oversized waistline and I want to look and feel fit.

The difference now is that I don’t work out as much due to time restraints and career but when I do, I don’t work out any longer for the shape of my body or attention but rather to reduce stress and maintain better internal health. There is a point in a person’s life where your cholesterol number is more important than the number of plates you can stack on a bar.  When this picture was taken, I ate burgers almost daily, drank and partied a lot and never once ate a vegetable but I was my own calling card for fitness clients.

I have learned that the body is only a by-product of fitness, not the starting point.  Much of the fitness philosophy today is geared towards our outward appearance. It’s about the use of temporal product which is not going to be a lifelong lifestyle change. You may use this protein shake and muscle enhancing pills, you may diet using a particular meal-plan, or use some waist rapping to help you lose your waistline but does anyone ever question, what happens once this temporal activities stop? By doing such acts, you don’t change your lifestyle, you only change or add something into it for a period of time. Once you are done, you go back to the same behaviors that put you in the position in the first place. Is that what we have become…a nation of back-and-forth trends and quick fix and easy sales pitches?

A toned body is not the starting point for fitness; the body is simply a bi-product of daily activity which creates the results and a fit lifestyle.


Real fitness is not sculpting the body but it can be a driver. Real fitness is really only six simple steps. Everything else is personal desires of body sculpting and the trends change around every seven years.

Here are the six basic building blocks of health and fitness.

  1. Oxygen – is a primary fundamental capacity that cells need to be built. Breathe deep during exercise and during your meditation/relaxation/prayer time.
  2. Hydration – You are mostly water. I always tell people to drink lots of water, nothing more. Stay away from soda’s and sugar filled drinks. Coffee and much of what is out there to drink actually dehydrates you? Drink no-less than eight glasses of water a day- drink no less than one glass as soon as you wake up. Not having enough water in your body prevents toxins from flushing out the body which causes many symptoms and opens the door to illness. Note- when you are thirsty that is the final signal that you don’t have enough water.
  3. Movement – You must move daily. Modern technology is our biggest enemy to health. In today’s time, having it easy is considered modern but the body is made to move. So what if a car can park itself! Turn your head around, move the steering wheel and park it yourself. If you own a home, save the money for a Gardner and do your own dam lawn. That alone is a workout. Movement pumps the body and allows the water to pump the system. Movement helps utilizes the minerals within the body and helps you breathe deep.
  4. Stress reduction – This is the main reason for bad health today. Many symptoms of illness are due to stress. Your cells are impacted by the feeling and stressful emotions that are generated by the every fast pace working world. I would also note that the stress to look more successful than you are can add much stress on your emotional state. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses if you don’t know them. Find a way to reduce the stress by cutting out people who do not serve you, excesses expenses that make you live check-to-mouth,  and incorporate ways to get in-tune with how powerful and beautiful you are. You are your first priority before all else.
  5. Elimination of toxin – Cleanse what is already in the body. This will allow the body to cleanse heavy metal poisons, pesticides, toxins that are in the food. I suggest, at least, once a fast by not consuming any meat for at least three days.  I personally cut meat out three to four days of every week. 
  6. Lightning up the diet – When you do eat meat’s , eat less as you need to remember, there are all types of hormones that are in the food and many of the protein meats are heavy in toxins. Include vegetable juicing and eating organics as much as possible. At night, when a craving comes on, have some grapes and crackers and water. This will help ease the hunger and the sugar craving. The more natural your food is the more capable it is of giving you the nutrients and you will require.

The foundation of health starts here. These can be added to your life and for all purposes you are living a healthy life.

You don’t try to cure anything when it comes to your health; you do the things that don’t bring about the things others are fighting against.

 Julian Sado

Health & Wellness Coach

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