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 When I started Firm-Donkey Fitness, I not only got back into my first love…fitness and nutrition but I also began studying Epigenetics and Quantum Physics. This opened my eyes to an entire different level of fitness. I began to see the difference between external and cellular fitness which really is where fitness begins

What’s forgotten in the fitness industry is usually left for those who study new age stuff. We respond first to what we see so fitness is normally about how we look, regardless of how you get there. Plastic surgery, steroids, now we have testosterone shots, implants as it goes…we can keep going but I won’t.

What you see is not what you get…you are much more.

stretched out arms

You are no less than 50 trillion cells combined to make up your body. Like an artist who paints his portrait using dots vs. a broad brush stroke on a canvas to make a picture. The closer you look, the easier it is to see the individual dots that make up the picture.

Each cell is very similar to the human body with regards to activities, moods, and jobs. Each cell interacts with other cells and goes about their daily life like you and I. Everyone of your cells live in a huge community and has an organic mini organ. Every cell has a digestive system, and repository system, a nervous system, reproductive, muscular and skeletal systems. So you see, they are basically 50 trillion plus miniature you within you which make up you!

Your cells respond to the outside forces like you and I.  The blood stream is the cells environment so everything you eat, drinks, and absorb impacts your cells. New studies have proven that what you think and emotionally feel also impacts your cells, yes, including your thoughts. Why is this…it’s because thoughts create emotions and emotions send signals to the brain which produces chemicals which flood the bloodstream which impact the blood which impact the cells. The question to ask yourself is, if you were to compare your eating, drinking, and thinking habits, would your blood stream be more of a war zone or a peaceful beach community for your cells?

If you are stressed out, depressed, angry, or fearful, chemicals such as cortisol are produced and released into your blood stream and your body goes into what’s called self-protection mode. It will take too long to explain what happens with these chemicals but know this…they are created by your body due to your conscious and most importantly your subconscious signals you give to your body. Don’t get me wrong, these chemicals do serve a purpose and can help you with strength when pushed in a corner but continual production of these chemical can harm the body more than help it.

This is why I endorse and became a distributor of LifeVantage and its product Protandim.

There are many products offering help in the fight against aging, illness, and promote overall wellness. Advertisement is almost to the extreme claiming to be able to fight oxidative stress. However, what’s not mentioned by just about every product on the market today is that these products only fight a one-to-one ratio battle. The benefit is only one-free radical-to-one-antioxidant. So you see the benefits are not very good with regards to health for the body/cells. You would have to eat more than your weight in blue-berries to really win the battle. Now let’s be real, you will not see that on a product label.

What’s the difference between LifeVantage and other companies?

I have reviewed almost every product on the MLM market and found all of them to offer almost the same thing; financial freedom, loss of weight, muscle gain, or look beautiful. LifeVantage by-far is one that stands alone! Not only because it’s the only publicly traded MLM, not only because it was on the shelves in stores like GNC but taken off due to its unique properties, but also because it offers your body a real tool to defend yourself in today’s modern world of stress. Oh, and yes, it can offer financial freedom to those who take it seriously as I do.

Who & what is LifeVantage?

Dr. Joe McCord, former Chief Science Officer and the scientist behind Protandim, has devoted his life to the role of free radicals and the problems associated with aging.

He discovered Superoxide dismutase (SOD) which has been mentioned in 50,000 peer-reviewed publications which is an activator of Nrf2.

After Dr. McCord and LifeVantage discovered and patented its finding on what’s called Nrf2 activation which was featured on ABC, NBC, PBS, and described in CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book “Chasing Life”.

What was discovered was that the cells know how to defend themselves already. The Nrf2 communicates with your DNA and delivers a wake-up call to your genes telling them to increase what your body is already programmed to do – fight oxidative stress which is the source of aging. Your body did this as a child up to your twenties at the peak but slowed down soon after and your body continues to slow down until death.

When activated Nrf2 enters the nucleus of cells and turns on hundreds of genes known as survival genes. Survival genes are defensive stress responsive cytoprotective genes that enable cells to survive in the face of several different kinds of stress and injury especially oxidative stress.

Nrf2 activate your body’s antioxidant defense mechanisms detoxification mechanisms, immune balancing mechanisms, and anti-stress mechanisms-mechanisms that slow down cellular aging. This is extremely important for anyone at any age.

Stress is the most common illness we all face. Toxins, chemicals, and work habits have made our cellular environment that of a war zone.

So join me by trying this product for 30 days and let’s talk about how you can make a change for the better with me and help others as I have.

We are not one individual but many which create the one.

“The medical model is not true – you are more than what you have been told.”

Isaac newton 1643-1727

go to http://mylifevantage.com/firmdonkeyfitness to order the product.

or visit my website at http://firmdonkeyfitness.com and contact me for more info.

Julian Sado

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