Deep-Dive into You

Cells & body

The information I am sharing right now is on an entirely different level than any fitness articles. If you read this and truly try to wrap your head around it, you will see why we say “We are knocking the concept of fitness on its donkey”.

The physical is only a small part of what fitness entails. Today, you will learn how it is more of a spiritual realm but I ask you to refrain from thinking we are hippies….that we are not. We are a Fitlosophy and we want everyone to be informed.

Who are you?

If you were to look deeper in your atoms, you would see that your body in not physical but more of a wave of information/light, sound that occupy the space. In 1910, a physicist from New Zealand, Ernest Rutherford performed an experiment known as Rutherford’s gold foil experiment. This experiment was determined to find out the structure of an atom.

Basically, it was discovered that the atom is made up of almost entirely empty space. It can pass through objects and disappear at times. The questions arose, how this empty atom could make up the solid world.From your atoms to the vastness of the universe, Science has shown that there is not one solid or organic thing that does not vibrate and resonate of a frequency. With this, it was discovered that our emotions give off a vibratory frequency. All emotions fall under only two titles. Fear/Love or negative/positive and all other emotions branch from these two.

In the 1940’s this was studied and called semantics by Hans Henning. These vibrations create a signal and the body response to these signals and produces chemicals which relate to particular emotions.

Emotions cause not only certain chemicals to flow through the body. It causes the heart rate to increase, body temperature to rise, and much more. It generates chemicals that are known to stop the blood flow to the Neo Cortex, draw most blood to vital organs and generate Cortisol into the body which is good for developing strength but also creates a weakness in the cell and has shown to enable diseases to take on and grow.

How does this relate to the physical body?

We all have emotions that dictate the depth and severity of our thinking. Thinking and acting less than your potential is just as wrong as steeling from someone. It’s hard to love if we continue to focus on how we feel as being truth and use the experience from five minutes ago to feel the present; or use an experience from 10 years ago to judge/condemn ourselves to destructive behaviors/habit.
When you fear weight gain or a particular body image, you are fighting against it which means you are trying to repress that which has been placed right before you. This is why it’s important to accept who are you and not feel low of yourself. Don’t compare yourself to all you see. Understand that your material world is either a manifestation of negative or positive in your life and consciousness. All you need to conquer in your life is in your face.

Fitness is much more than the shape of your body; it’s not what we see in magazines or paid advertisement/commercials. Believe it or not, it’s not about diet or fat intake or even your cholesterol. It starts with your thinking and feelings which produce in-activity or activity in our life. Stop comparing who you are on the inside by comparing to someone else’s outside appearance. Focus is our internal, emotional intake…this includes the food, stress, and internal processing of who you are. Remember, your quality of life is not the things in life it’s how we live life. Help us and join us in our journey!

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