How to Stand-out in Service


Storefronts like Banks and fitness clubs are a doorway to local communities, however, in just a generation or so, customer may not be conditioned to use storefronts unless for special occasions which is why the phone and personal communication skills needed in today’s market is key to the survival of any service company.

With the new changing customer market, it’s evident that companies don’t convince customers to use them with pricing, products, and advertisement…they have to stand for something. A company brand needs to be consistent. When a customer is speaking to a front-line employee, the brand has to be enforced with the interaction.

I go to all types of fitness clubs but one in particular close to home. I can honestly say that the trainers there have seen me for over a year and still to this day, will not say good morning to me or give me a head nod. Okay, yes, they may be training someone but not to even say hello to someone who they see every day who could potentially be a client is proof that the idea of relationships is sales is getting lost in our new generation.

The great companies out there have one thing going for them…that is they stand for something. There is something that they believe in and you can hear it on the phone and feel it with their front-line  representatives. Each one of them has something that makes their market/demographic want to work with them. The first thing is a personality and comfort to look someone in the eye.

Every company, sales person, and or representative has to figure this out and do a deep dive; every team within a company needs to have their own brand too. If your market is relationships, you need to be determine to mirror that in your all of the employees. You want to create something that will make you a magnet for your ideal customers.

For me, my passion is in connection/communication. It comes across in every conversation as I am always asking about development of communication skills by way of connection. It comes across in my writings, coaching, and relationships.

I believe through proper communication, many customer concerns with any company would be avoided, I believe with proper tone of voice, there would be a personal connection with the person on the other end. I believe with communicating empathy, customers would see the employee as their advocate vs. an enemy. I believe that with the new age of technology and our changing customer demographics and employee mindset, communication, emotional intelligence, and the skills of our front-line employees will make or break a company brand.

I could go anyplace in the country and ask a crowd of people what does F.O.R.D stand for and there will always be that one person that would say “Found On Road Dead” or something else. Ford motors never advertised such a comment but it took one creative person in the 80’s to say it. To no surprise, it spread across the country and this was before social media.

What will make a company stand out?

Having Passion

I believe to truly be a company of the future which is approaching extremely fast, every employee, manager; executive has to find what they are passionate about in their job. Each person regardless of degree, background, or skills all get dressed and show up to the same environment and if that environment is full of non-passionate people, then there is no passion and you spend more time correcting the by-product of the lack of passion than truly fixing the real issue. Most job duties are not glamorous but passion is.  I would tell anyone not to hate their job and then do a half-ass job at it because that just reflects on your own character.

Being Responsible

As an adult you are responsible for your own success. You have to step back and ask yourself why would another department want to hire you. On paper, there is very little that separates people. Most people live only to the line of the masses. If you have a scorecard in your company, your employees normally look to make sure they are above the red line…that’s the majority of the people…just get past the low performers. There are only a few that chase the top of the bar. That’s the ones that stands out. Leadership gravitates to those whose work ethics are more like an entrepreneur. This is not favoritism but logical…you would do the same.

Question is, can anyone tell what your passion is, if so, what is it?

Deep-Dive into You

Cells & body

The information I am sharing right now is on an entirely different level than any fitness articles. If you read this and truly try to wrap your head around it, you will see why we say “We are knocking the concept of fitness on its donkey”.

The physical is only a small part of what fitness entails. Today, you will learn how it is more of a spiritual realm but I ask you to refrain from thinking we are hippies….that we are not. We are a Fitlosophy and we want everyone to be informed.

Who are you?

If you were to look deeper in your atoms, you would see that your body in not physical but more of a wave of information/light, sound that occupy the space. In 1910, a physicist from New Zealand, Ernest Rutherford performed an experiment known as Rutherford’s gold foil experiment. This experiment was determined to find out the structure of an atom.

Basically, it was discovered that the atom is made up of almost entirely empty space. It can pass through objects and disappear at times. The questions arose, how this empty atom could make up the solid world.From your atoms to the vastness of the universe, Science has shown that there is not one solid or organic thing that does not vibrate and resonate of a frequency. With this, it was discovered that our emotions give off a vibratory frequency. All emotions fall under only two titles. Fear/Love or negative/positive and all other emotions branch from these two.

In the 1940’s this was studied and called semantics by Hans Henning. These vibrations create a signal and the body response to these signals and produces chemicals which relate to particular emotions.

Emotions cause not only certain chemicals to flow through the body. It causes the heart rate to increase, body temperature to rise, and much more. It generates chemicals that are known to stop the blood flow to the Neo Cortex, draw most blood to vital organs and generate Cortisol into the body which is good for developing strength but also creates a weakness in the cell and has shown to enable diseases to take on and grow.

How does this relate to the physical body?

We all have emotions that dictate the depth and severity of our thinking. Thinking and acting less than your potential is just as wrong as steeling from someone. It’s hard to love if we continue to focus on how we feel as being truth and use the experience from five minutes ago to feel the present; or use an experience from 10 years ago to judge/condemn ourselves to destructive behaviors/habit.
When you fear weight gain or a particular body image, you are fighting against it which means you are trying to repress that which has been placed right before you. This is why it’s important to accept who are you and not feel low of yourself. Don’t compare yourself to all you see. Understand that your material world is either a manifestation of negative or positive in your life and consciousness. All you need to conquer in your life is in your face.

Fitness is much more than the shape of your body; it’s not what we see in magazines or paid advertisement/commercials. Believe it or not, it’s not about diet or fat intake or even your cholesterol. It starts with your thinking and feelings which produce in-activity or activity in our life. Stop comparing who you are on the inside by comparing to someone else’s outside appearance. Focus is our internal, emotional intake…this includes the food, stress, and internal processing of who you are. Remember, your quality of life is not the things in life it’s how we live life. Help us and join us in our journey!

Why I do what I do


 When I started Firm-Donkey Fitness, I not only got back into my first love…fitness and nutrition but I also began studying Epigenetics and Quantum Physics. This opened my eyes to an entire different level of fitness. I began to see the difference between external and cellular fitness which really is where fitness begins

What’s forgotten in the fitness industry is usually left for those who study new age stuff. We respond first to what we see so fitness is normally about how we look, regardless of how you get there. Plastic surgery, steroids, now we have testosterone shots, implants as it goes…we can keep going but I won’t.

What you see is not what you get…you are much more.

stretched out arms

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Throw Back To Real Health

Throw back Thusday

With throw back Thursday (#TBT), we all have the ability to scan old Kodak throw-away camera photos and reminisce about what we looked like, felt like, and if you grew up in the 80’s, what we dressed like. Yes, that is a fanny-pack around my waist and yes, those are MC Hammer paints.

Outside of my time within the entertainment world, my throwback days were very much about fitness. My life was about Venice/Santa Monica beach and working out on the rings and P-Bars, kick-boxing, and going to the gym. In-between all of that, I was driving my jeep around town throughout Sunset Blvd and the coast (did not mind the traffic) or riding my motorcycle Suzuki GXR 1100 throughout the Santa Monica Mountains and basically just loving life. There was no thought of future investments, savings, internal health, or financial success…my daily actions were my success. I based my success on how I felt.

When this picture was taken at Venice beach, my career was fitness training, massage therapy, and socializing. Yes, socializing was a career because it’s what I did the most. After a motorcycle accident on the freeway that should have killed me, and several other events, fitness has an entirely different meaning at age fifty. Read my bio at

Fitness is still part of my life but the concept of fitness has changed. Working for a Fortune 100 company, owning my own health and wellness business and now living in Dallas, TX, I can honestly say, I don’t walk around without a shirt but I am still concerned with my body shape…to some degree. Like most people, I prefer not to have an oversized waistline and I want to look and feel fit.

The difference now is that I don’t work out as much due to time restraints and career but when I do, I don’t work out any longer for the shape of my body or attention but rather to reduce stress and maintain better internal health. There is a point in a person’s life where your cholesterol number is more important than the number of plates you can stack on a bar.  When this picture was taken, I ate burgers almost daily, drank and partied a lot and never once ate a vegetable but I was my own calling card for fitness clients.

I have learned that the body is only a by-product of fitness, not the starting point.  Much of the fitness philosophy today is geared towards our outward appearance. It’s about the use of temporal product which is not going to be a lifelong lifestyle change. You may use this protein shake and muscle enhancing pills, you may diet using a particular meal-plan, or use some waist rapping to help you lose your waistline but does anyone ever question, what happens once this temporal activities stop? By doing such acts, you don’t change your lifestyle, you only change or add something into it for a period of time. Once you are done, you go back to the same behaviors that put you in the position in the first place. Is that what we have become…a nation of back-and-forth trends and quick fix and easy sales pitches?

A toned body is not the starting point for fitness; the body is simply a bi-product of daily activity which creates the results and a fit lifestyle.


Real fitness is not sculpting the body but it can be a driver. Real fitness is really only six simple steps. Everything else is personal desires of body sculpting and the trends change around every seven years.

Here are the six basic building blocks of health and fitness.

  1. Oxygen – is a primary fundamental capacity that cells need to be built. Breathe deep during exercise and during your meditation/relaxation/prayer time.
  2. Hydration – You are mostly water. I always tell people to drink lots of water, nothing more. Stay away from soda’s and sugar filled drinks. Coffee and much of what is out there to drink actually dehydrates you? Drink no-less than eight glasses of water a day- drink no less than one glass as soon as you wake up. Not having enough water in your body prevents toxins from flushing out the body which causes many symptoms and opens the door to illness. Note- when you are thirsty that is the final signal that you don’t have enough water.
  3. Movement – You must move daily. Modern technology is our biggest enemy to health. In today’s time, having it easy is considered modern but the body is made to move. So what if a car can park itself! Turn your head around, move the steering wheel and park it yourself. If you own a home, save the money for a Gardner and do your own dam lawn. That alone is a workout. Movement pumps the body and allows the water to pump the system. Movement helps utilizes the minerals within the body and helps you breathe deep.
  4. Stress reduction – This is the main reason for bad health today. Many symptoms of illness are due to stress. Your cells are impacted by the feeling and stressful emotions that are generated by the every fast pace working world. I would also note that the stress to look more successful than you are can add much stress on your emotional state. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses if you don’t know them. Find a way to reduce the stress by cutting out people who do not serve you, excesses expenses that make you live check-to-mouth,  and incorporate ways to get in-tune with how powerful and beautiful you are. You are your first priority before all else.
  5. Elimination of toxin – Cleanse what is already in the body. This will allow the body to cleanse heavy metal poisons, pesticides, toxins that are in the food. I suggest, at least, once a fast by not consuming any meat for at least three days.  I personally cut meat out three to four days of every week. 
  6. Lightning up the diet – When you do eat meat’s , eat less as you need to remember, there are all types of hormones that are in the food and many of the protein meats are heavy in toxins. Include vegetable juicing and eating organics as much as possible. At night, when a craving comes on, have some grapes and crackers and water. This will help ease the hunger and the sugar craving. The more natural your food is the more capable it is of giving you the nutrients and you will require.

The foundation of health starts here. These can be added to your life and for all purposes you are living a healthy life.

You don’t try to cure anything when it comes to your health; you do the things that don’t bring about the things others are fighting against.

 Julian Sado

Health & Wellness Coach

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Who Are You?


Truth be told, your emotions is that thing that dictate the depth and severity of our thinking and actions. This is the root cause of our activities regardless of them being good or bad. Most people never live up to their potential because of their belief in themselves due to the fear in which they operate…question is, is this you?

Your feelings of hurt, disappointment, anger, and discontentment is something you need to embrace as self-neglect as it hinders your true potential. This is what prevents you from loving not only yourself but truly loving others without expectations. Why…because it’s hard to love if we continue to focus on how we feel about our insecurities and negative self-talk about how we measure up.

Don’t use the experience from five minutes ago to feel the present and don’t use an experience from ten years ago to ignore opportunities in the present. Choose to feel what is best for your health and happiness at this moment. You notice I did not say wealth…that’s because the meaning of wealth in our world means something not associated with wealth.

Focus on every moment without thought of interpretation and see every moment as only a pure experience of the moment. Ask yourself, how can I evaluate this moment if I did not have my own memory, thoughts, associated with it? Ask yourself, how can I live in fullness in my spirit right now?

If you could dig deep past what your eyes see to the quantum level of who you are, you would see that you are energy/vibrational wave of information/spirit.

This energy (you) never dies but only transforms so all of your negative and self-talk is simply a complaint of the suit called human body. You are not defined by the popularity of the ego. Your jeans don’t make you, your number of followers on Instagram, Facebook etc., does not define you. You are not defined by keeping up with the up-to-date ways of dress, so neither should any negative feelings about your body make you.

Your God/Christ/spirit/source/energy-field is who you really are and that’s not defined by a Sunday morning sit down with a preacher or a prayer before bed. You are not any less spiritual when you feel bad, feel good, need help, need a hug, or have some emotional discomfort. YOU ARE SPIRIT! It’s every second you exist within the matter called body within the time you have right now!

If you really want to live, you have to live in all corners of this reality. It’s more than just what we touch, see, smell, taste, and feel. Remember to live and see everyone around you as a spirit and not the body…only then can we really have unconditional love for one-another and truly be fit.

Join our journey by sharing, commenting, and interacting with us.

Julian Sado


What keeps repeating in your life?

life coach

I coach and train an individual that I will call “Sean” for anonymity purposes. Our weekly focus is to discuss his feelings and outcomes behind why he has not gotten to the next level in his career and personal life. Prior to our coaching, there have been several things in his life that keep recurring. His financial levels remain the same, the relationships always go the same direction, and his level of close friendship seems to always remain shallow.

Sean is now exercising a little which is more of a time to reflect and is eating better. However, he has mixed this in with life coaching with me. During our virtual one-on-one, we came to realize that Sean has cellular and emotional memories that impact is current reactionary responses to almost everything in his life.

One of them is being when he was thirteen years old and waiting outside for his father to pick him up for the day. This is just an event he recalls but the feeling behind this event is constant and one of the continuum reactions in his relationships. His father and mother were divorced and there was no court order to pay child support or spend amble quality time. With this one event, Sean waited for hours watching each car come over the hill hoping it was his dads. He recalls the sun setting and his mom looking on with pity as he kept hoping there was a good reason for being late. Unfortunately, his father never showed up or called.

Like most if not all kids, Sean desired his father to be a part of his life. He always wanted to impress him at his Karate tournaments, games, and events but as usual, his father would not show up or appear very interested in Sean’s life and trials he faced as a young boy. This is one reason Sean to this day has never tried to succeed at anything with 100% conviction. If he feels there is no support, he quickly becomes discouraged and gives up.

These types of experience (This is just one of them) created a self-worth issue for this now grown man. Sean’s vivid experiences and memories of his relationship with his father have conditioned Sean with a low self-worth and a lack of trust in others including his religions concept of God. Sean has grown up worshiping a god that has a description of a father-like figure. The feelings of let down and not showing up for him is only strengthen when he feels his prayers are not answered or the sense of loneliness still exist even after going to church.

Sean’s issue with completing the things he starts and his lack of trust in others stems from his cellular feelings of self-worth. The lack of interest his father impressed on his emotions enhanced his need for acceptance. This also has been a major influence on how Sean describes himself and how he communicates with others and even his love life. His desire to impress others and hold their attention all stems from the emotional feelings that are continually looking for ways to express themselves within his life.

We all have something that occurs continually within our existence. Like Sean, many of us have controlling personalities to self-defeating talk within our subconscious that stops us when we are about to overcome some obstacle. These feelings that act out in the little almost un-detected way if not examined will drive people to divorce, bankruptcy, loneliness, and even suicidal tendencies.

Do you find anything in common with Sean? Do you see in this short description of Sean how he would bring himself low so he could experience that exact subconscious emotion he has come to know and be comfortable with? We all should see some part of us in him, including myself. We all have a biography that is now a part of our thinking and acting out in our biology and mind.

Like Sean, I have emotional memories that impact my daily view and reaction to my life. I work on them with my own personal coach and I am here to help you understand yours. How you view, react, and create a life around your job, relationships, church, family, love, and everything in-between is all based off of your paradigm and view of reality that protects your emotional needs.

Coaching with me will help you understand your subconscious thinking and quickly embrace your responsibility to breaking the chains that create the same results in your life.

The Journey is the Goal

1940's advertisment

The Journey is the Goal

Okay, so you are thinking of going on a diet or getting in shape. Whatever it may be, you start to grab your belly and say, “I need to start working out”. What is the driving cause for you wanting to get in shape this time? Is it a beach vacation, wedding, divorce, doctor visit, or a relationship? I wonder how many people who decide to start working out actually do it for the purpose of feeling healthier vs. some external reason. It’s my belief that too many people today are caught up in the latest exercise fads to get-fit-quick as oppose to enjoying the journey of getting healthy.

I often wonder why there are so many people who don’t work out. After all, the pros of a regular exercise regimen have been proven time and again. Still, the reality in this country today is that 60% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of exercise they should and 25% of Americans do not exercise at all.

Looking at our food choices and daily intake of what tastes good vs. what is good for us indicates to me that knowing the benefits of exercise is not enough to get us to exercise. We would rather watch people exercise while eating hotdogs and drinking beer then doing it ourselves.

As a speaker, motivator, and life coach, the one thing I despise the most is working with people who don’t want help. However, as I study the human emotions, I am finding that it’s not so much that these particular people don’t want the help, so much as, they just don’t like the process.

Studies show that how people view themselves—based on past experiences and current reality—influences their physical activity choices. Self-perception plays a major role in whether people will start exercising, and it may impede some individuals from beginning a program, even if exercise has been recommended for medical reasons. (Whaley and Schrider -2005),

When you look at how exercise is advertised, the physical perfection is the end result and ultimate goal, not the journey. This is why so many people may view themselves as incompetent without ever trying to exercise. They feel like a failure based off of the images of the advertisements they see. Women who have low self-esteem may subconsciously tell themselves that they are not good enough and could fall into this category. Fortunately, these inhibiting self-perceptions are modifiable, especially with social support and encouragement from others (particularly exercise professionals).

New marketing is beginning to emerge which shows that positive feedback and positive body image regardless of size makes a difference. You are beginning to see the newest trend in fitness which is about spiritual fitness and feeling good about who you are. I bet anyone that this will become the new fitness trend in the near future. This will be the new brand of fitness and it will not include wash-board abs. Until then, I will provide, as seen below, a few steps that anyone can do to stay on track with fitness.

Recognize what fitness is: It’s not about going to a group exercise class or a fitness facility. It can be a nice walk, a short jog, or doing yard work. Just start with an activity that you enjoy vs. trying to fit into something you are not comfortable with. This may include some specific type of class or studio.

Enjoy your success vs. other people’s interpretation of success: The more you think how successful you are with exercise, the more likely you are to adhere to exercise. All of us get endorphins with the “feelings” of success and accomplishment. It’s a twofold experience…because you feel successful, the more motivated you are and the more success you will have.

Consider your eating habits a part of your exercise program:  I am not an advocate of restrictive diets; however, I do believe in balance and refraining from things that inhibit my positive mindset.  For example, when a person tells themselves they can’t have something, the ego steps in and says, ‘Why not?’ This creates a battle from within. A power can be found, however, when you say to yourself, ’I choose not to eat this’. This will be exercising your right to select the better foods.

Stay away from commercials advertisements: In the 1940’s there were products being sold to help women gain weight so men would find them attractive. Now, it’s about muscle definition, wash board abs, being thin, and a tan.

With all of the protein shakes, meal plans, vitamins, and Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) products within the fitness industry insinuating that you are not fit like their models or you don’t look like them, you are being misguided or misled. Hear me when I say that not everyone can be thin so don’t allow yourself to be chasing the next fad of fitness!

And for those that obsessively kill themselves to look like those advertisements, you can often see that “thin” is a bit unnatural for them and short lived. Why…Because it is unnatural for their body types!

The danger is for those who are trying to get fit because of the social pressures. When a person can’t get fit as fast as the advertisement claims, they begin to feel inadequate and subconsciously lose heart and confidence in their own ability.

Have a buddy or trainer work with you. Working out with others and/or being in a gym can give you incentive to exercise and the feeling of accountability. A qualified trainer who is good at building an alliance with you is a trainer for life!

Having a good exercise trainer and/or workout buddy should help you understand and achieve the following:

  • Help you focus on things other than appearance and weight
  • Help you overcome the emotional barriers to exercise
  • Help you realize your fitness interests and abilities
  • Help you find creative ways to stay active
  • Celebrate successes and empowering moments
  • Care about your emotional ups and downs
  • Motivate you

In conclusion, whatever the reason or motivation is that you desire to get in shape, exercise should be for the experience and the opportunity to experience life in a healthier way. Unfortunately, we become consumed with the media and marketing today that focuses on a certain look that is not always attainable to all.  I want to challenge you today to consider viewing your exercise in a unique way by making it a social event, a life event, a journey…and that should be the ultimate goal!

Your DNA & Your Health?

apple gene

I often hear people say, “Cancer runs in my family” or “My father had cancer, so I may get it too”. Then you hear that everyone has cancer cells running through their body so we all need to fight it with good nutrition to prevent them from turning the cancer genes on. So which is it? Are you destined to get cancer because it’s passed down to us in our DNA; or does your lifestyle determine your fate with the deadly diseases?

Several years ago, I had an Aunt who would refuse to forgive people for things that offended her. She would hold grudges that would ultimately destroy relationships. There was one family member, in particular, that I could remember that she held a life-long grudge. She continued to speak ill of that person and years later would continue to reiterating the offense as if it had just happened yesterday!  It was like she was re-living the event over and over again. This went on for  years even though this family member tried to reconcile with my Aunt. Not too long after, my Aunt developed lung cancer and died.

My father was an alcoholic and a heavy smoker since he was a young boy.  I never saw him eat a nutritious meal nor exercise a day in his life.  I only recall him eating once when I was a child by sticking a hotdog on a fork and placing it over a flame on the stove. He ended up dying of colon cancer at the early age of 49.  For two years prior, he thought he had hemorrhoids before being diagnosed with colon cancer.  What’s strange about his cancer is he seemed to function normally with some discomfort until he knew he had cancer. It only took weeks after his diagnoses for him to loose an enormous amount of weight and pass away.

I believe based off of my own studies of cancer and my wife’s diagnoses with Breast Cancer, that had I not made the conscious effort to change my lifestyle by not repeating the same bad habits that my father modeled, I, too, would more than likely in time would be battling the same exact disease he did!  Because of his choices, I am at a higher risk of getting colon cancer. I will not get it, however, because I have made lifestyle changes with my diet, exercise, and stress management.  Making wiser choices daily in my life will be the difference between me and my father.

Here is why… I would argue that it is your lifestyle which turns on (or expresses) the cancer cells or mutation. Let me be clear to say that while there does exist predisposing genes that are passed down from our family tree, they are expressed or turned on only by certain conditions in our lifestyle, like poor diet, stress, environmental toxins, or a sedentary lifestyle. However, being aware of our predispositions can be very helpful. It can direct our understanding of how to personalize our lifestyles in those areas.

It is very interesting to know that we can’t do anything to change our genes; however, we can change their expressions.  It is those genetic expressions that can then be passed down or inherited. It’s like having two sentences that are exactly the same  with the exception of a  comma someplace in the sentence which then changes the meaning. (Example: Let’s eat Grandma Vs. Let’s eat, Grandma). Both comments say two separate things but are exactly the same. What makes the difference…the comma and that’s the trigger that changes our cells/DNA.

I am half African-American and most of my family on that side of my family tree struggle with diabetes and heart disease. If you look just at the layer of what “Family DNA” is…it’s not what you are born with but rather how they (your parents) lived while you were being created…your birth started at conception in the back of that old hatch back car. So the lifestyle, drugs, food, alcohol, worry, negativity, violence etc…all became a part of your DNA at conception.

But wait! Did you catch the words that have nothing to do with the physical but the mental? Yes… worry and negativity impact your DNA…just like the example with my aunt who wouldn’t forgive. There are studies that indicate that even though you may have a predisposition to a cancerous disease, you alone can choose through your healthy lifestyle AND positive emotional signaling to send different messages to your DNA.

If your grandfather worked in a factory exposing himself to a lot of chemical toxins and he ends up with a cancerous disease from his environment, this mutated gene is then passed down from generation to generation (like the comma in the above sentence). The way that the gene is now functioning (or expressed) will then make you at greater risk of also having that same disease. This, however, is by no means a guarantee!

During the 1990’s, three Nobel laureates in medicine advanced research revealed the primary function of DNA lies not in protein synthesis, as it was widely believed for the past century, but in electro-magnetic energy reception and transmission. Dr. Leonard Horowitz states, “Less than three percent of DNA’s function involves protein manufacture; more than ninety percent functions in the realm of bio-acoustic and bio-electrical signaling”. There are 64 codes available in our DNA structure that are made from only 4 elements; Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen. Out of these 64 codes, we only have twenty of them activated by our DNA structure. Basically, there are 64 possibilities but only 20 of them are turned on. There is a switch that turns these codes on and off. The switch that appears to turn these codes on are our emotions. These discoveries are the first of its kind and studies are showing that our emotions are directly linked to human genetics. New discoveries in quantum physics and other scientific studies show that the changes in our emotions can change our DNA. The new discoveries have found that DNA acts as an antenna for cellular regulation – it’s a receiver and transmitter of Photons, light, and Phonon sound for cellular-up regulation.

Think about how many of us grew up with parents who drank beer and ate all of the American staple foods like chips, pizza, and hot dogs.  We also may have had divorce, negative environments and experiences which create a cellular change in our bodies. We were more likely to follow in our parents footsteps and do the same things they did/do if we don’t recognize the habits that we take on. This is also true to how we view ourselves, money, stress, worry…(Negative Nancy syndrome). That is the DNA that is killing us…the DNA of bad nutrition, bad habits and bad emotions.

In conclusion, I am not trying to be insensitive to those who have loved-ones  struggling with some type of illness. I know there are some who have illnesses that just are not as curable at birth and others who get any stage cancer and struggle to beat it. I am not saying everyone has the power to avoid such diseases. BUT for some of us, it is not the genetic predisposition you were born with that determines your fate with cancer or any other diseases that run in your family. It is how you choose to live your lifestyle with the gene pool you were handed down!

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Disclaimer: The techniques, strategies, and suggestions expressed here are intended to be used for educational purposes only. Julian Sado CEO of Firm-Donkey Fitness; Information within his articles are not rendering medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. It is imperative that before beginning any nutrition or exercise program you receive full medical clearance from a licensed physician. Julian Sado and Firm-Donkey Fitness claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented here.


Power of the Pet

MojoFor those who have, or ever had a pet, we can all agree that there is a huge amount of love for them.  Studies, along with countless surveys, have shown, time-and-time again, that people and their pets have one of the strongest bonds. Sometimes, these bonds are stronger than with family. We see everything from custody battles over who gets the dog, to risking our lives to rescue our pet from a frozen lake, to dog hotels that cost more than a resort for humans. There is an entire industry out there to make pets more comfortable than we are because there is a market for it.

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA so If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I would want to be a Beverly Hills Bitch (dog).

When my two boys were around the age of nine and ten, they decided that they wanted a dog as a pet. My dreams of having a Labrador was shot-down by my wife so after putting my kids to work in our community we ended up getting a She-Tzu and Poodle mix so basically a mutt!

My Point to this story

Ever since our dog has been house-trained, my wife and I have walked him every morning without fail! To date for the past three years, Mojo has been walked equaling over 1,068 days. No matter how late I am to work, no matter what time I went to bed, how sick I may feel, or other priorities that impact my life…we have always (and I mean always) have made the time to walk this damn dog for no- less than 20 min a day.

Why can I find time to walk this dog every day? It’s because we love our little Shit-Poo Mojo. The love of something is what generates the commitment to it. At first, it was a challenge and we found ourselves bitter and walking this mutt over obligation. The anger would set in when this little creature did not piss and poop fast enough; but over time, the habit of taking him out every morning became a commitment that turned instinctive! Over time, it became more uncomfortable NOT to walk him then to walk him because our conscious would nudge us if we even considered not walking him.

Now imagine you doing anything healthy for yourself none-stop for 1,068 days for no less than 20 min a day. At first, it would be done with dread but because of the struggle and the little rewards like a wagging tail (this could mean for us someone saying to you, “You are looking good!”) you begin to appreciate the struggle. Overtime, you begin to love it and if you stick to it, it becomes an instinctive habit.

Do you love yourself enough to take yourself for a walk daily for no less than 20 minutes? If you don’t, you first have to get in touch with what prevents you from loving yourself enough.

One reason, we love our pets so much is because of the perfect acceptance of who we are all of the time. We can learn a lot from a pet when it comes to self-talk. Animals transcends human affection because our pets do not judge us…they are completely accepting of our moods, looks, car, teeth, pimples, job, and everything in-between. We love them more than we love ourselves because we are continually judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to everything we are not.  

To truly be fit, you first must accept who you are without comparing yourself to others. Then love thy self as you would love a pet. Make yourself do things you may not enjoy at first and realize over time that consistent action is what creates habits that become instinctive. Consider that you need to be walked daily (figuratively) and by doing this; you will fall in love with you.


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