How to Stand-out in Service


Storefronts like Banks and fitness clubs are a doorway to local communities, however, in just a generation or so, customer may not be conditioned to use storefronts unless for special occasions which is why the phone and personal communication skills needed in today’s market is key to the survival of any service company.

With the new changing customer market, it’s evident that companies don’t convince customers to use them with pricing, products, and advertisement…they have to stand for something. A company brand needs to be consistent. When a customer is speaking to a front-line employee, the brand has to be enforced with the interaction.

I go to all types of fitness clubs but one in particular close to home. I can honestly say that the trainers there have seen me for over a year and still to this day, will not say good morning to me or give me a head nod. Okay, yes, they may be training someone but not to even say hello to someone who they see every day who could potentially be a client is proof that the idea of relationships is sales is getting lost in our new generation.

The great companies out there have one thing going for them…that is they stand for something. There is something that they believe in and you can hear it on the phone and feel it with their front-line  representatives. Each one of them has something that makes their market/demographic want to work with them. The first thing is a personality and comfort to look someone in the eye.

Every company, sales person, and or representative has to figure this out and do a deep dive; every team within a company needs to have their own brand too. If your market is relationships, you need to be determine to mirror that in your all of the employees. You want to create something that will make you a magnet for your ideal customers.

For me, my passion is in connection/communication. It comes across in every conversation as I am always asking about development of communication skills by way of connection. It comes across in my writings, coaching, and relationships.

I believe through proper communication, many customer concerns with any company would be avoided, I believe with proper tone of voice, there would be a personal connection with the person on the other end. I believe with communicating empathy, customers would see the employee as their advocate vs. an enemy. I believe that with the new age of technology and our changing customer demographics and employee mindset, communication, emotional intelligence, and the skills of our front-line employees will make or break a company brand.

I could go anyplace in the country and ask a crowd of people what does F.O.R.D stand for and there will always be that one person that would say “Found On Road Dead” or something else. Ford motors never advertised such a comment but it took one creative person in the 80’s to say it. To no surprise, it spread across the country and this was before social media.

What will make a company stand out?

Having Passion

I believe to truly be a company of the future which is approaching extremely fast, every employee, manager; executive has to find what they are passionate about in their job. Each person regardless of degree, background, or skills all get dressed and show up to the same environment and if that environment is full of non-passionate people, then there is no passion and you spend more time correcting the by-product of the lack of passion than truly fixing the real issue. Most job duties are not glamorous but passion is.  I would tell anyone not to hate their job and then do a half-ass job at it because that just reflects on your own character.

Being Responsible

As an adult you are responsible for your own success. You have to step back and ask yourself why would another department want to hire you. On paper, there is very little that separates people. Most people live only to the line of the masses. If you have a scorecard in your company, your employees normally look to make sure they are above the red line…that’s the majority of the people…just get past the low performers. There are only a few that chase the top of the bar. That’s the ones that stands out. Leadership gravitates to those whose work ethics are more like an entrepreneur. This is not favoritism but logical…you would do the same.

Question is, can anyone tell what your passion is, if so, what is it?

What keeps repeating in your life?

life coach

I coach and train an individual that I will call “Sean” for anonymity purposes. Our weekly focus is to discuss his feelings and outcomes behind why he has not gotten to the next level in his career and personal life. Prior to our coaching, there have been several things in his life that keep recurring. His financial levels remain the same, the relationships always go the same direction, and his level of close friendship seems to always remain shallow.

Sean is now exercising a little which is more of a time to reflect and is eating better. However, he has mixed this in with life coaching with me. During our virtual one-on-one, we came to realize that Sean has cellular and emotional memories that impact is current reactionary responses to almost everything in his life.

One of them is being when he was thirteen years old and waiting outside for his father to pick him up for the day. This is just an event he recalls but the feeling behind this event is constant and one of the continuum reactions in his relationships. His father and mother were divorced and there was no court order to pay child support or spend amble quality time. With this one event, Sean waited for hours watching each car come over the hill hoping it was his dads. He recalls the sun setting and his mom looking on with pity as he kept hoping there was a good reason for being late. Unfortunately, his father never showed up or called.

Like most if not all kids, Sean desired his father to be a part of his life. He always wanted to impress him at his Karate tournaments, games, and events but as usual, his father would not show up or appear very interested in Sean’s life and trials he faced as a young boy. This is one reason Sean to this day has never tried to succeed at anything with 100% conviction. If he feels there is no support, he quickly becomes discouraged and gives up.

These types of experience (This is just one of them) created a self-worth issue for this now grown man. Sean’s vivid experiences and memories of his relationship with his father have conditioned Sean with a low self-worth and a lack of trust in others including his religions concept of God. Sean has grown up worshiping a god that has a description of a father-like figure. The feelings of let down and not showing up for him is only strengthen when he feels his prayers are not answered or the sense of loneliness still exist even after going to church.

Sean’s issue with completing the things he starts and his lack of trust in others stems from his cellular feelings of self-worth. The lack of interest his father impressed on his emotions enhanced his need for acceptance. This also has been a major influence on how Sean describes himself and how he communicates with others and even his love life. His desire to impress others and hold their attention all stems from the emotional feelings that are continually looking for ways to express themselves within his life.

We all have something that occurs continually within our existence. Like Sean, many of us have controlling personalities to self-defeating talk within our subconscious that stops us when we are about to overcome some obstacle. These feelings that act out in the little almost un-detected way if not examined will drive people to divorce, bankruptcy, loneliness, and even suicidal tendencies.

Do you find anything in common with Sean? Do you see in this short description of Sean how he would bring himself low so he could experience that exact subconscious emotion he has come to know and be comfortable with? We all should see some part of us in him, including myself. We all have a biography that is now a part of our thinking and acting out in our biology and mind.

Like Sean, I have emotional memories that impact my daily view and reaction to my life. I work on them with my own personal coach and I am here to help you understand yours. How you view, react, and create a life around your job, relationships, church, family, love, and everything in-between is all based off of your paradigm and view of reality that protects your emotional needs.

Coaching with me will help you understand your subconscious thinking and quickly embrace your responsibility to breaking the chains that create the same results in your life.