Why Fitlosophy?

Firm Donkey Fitness is a “Fitlosophy” that infuses traditional and non-traditional training approaches with modern-day scientific studies along with motivation, spiritual, and nutritional information. We are committed to offering the highest quality information using knowledge based incentivized fitness techniques and mindset.

We believe  there is a true measure of your health and it’s defined by first humility of heart and then an internal physical and mental well-being. We are determined to inform everyone willing to learn the truth about fitness. The advertisement today is to sell books and DVD’s. It’s mission is to make people focus on their outside appearance, so we will  always feel unsatisfied and discouraged.

We will not promise you wash-board abs in six weeks and we will not claim any type of drink, machine or DVD for $39.95.  Our  focus is exercising, nutrition, and positive thinking pure and simple. We will help you find your  fitness style and motivate you to embrace it daily.

Read our blog, apply our simple approach to challenges, and be firm and get your donkey into it!

We look forward to sharing the experience with you.

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